Friday, 19 May 2017


Many movies have surpassed my expectations. In some cases, trailers were really tricky and that's why I probably haven't seen wonderful movies. I thought that Zootopia pictures a story of some animals and their truly exceptional friendship. Does it sound intriguing? Nope. The truth is that Zootopia is... exceptionally original and... Surprisingly, watching the growing friendship between a wily fox and a cuddly bunny was so exciting! 

Judy Hopps becomes the first bunny to join the police in a mammal metropolis. She was dreaming of being a real cop who would enforce the law and bust criminals. Unfortunately, her boss assigns her to be a city guard. But a bunny like her never gives up. She is given only 2 days to solve the mystery that other cops couldn't explain. So, to prove herself she decides to jump at the opportunity. Regardless of the possibility of being fired, Judy wants to overcome the prejudice and tries to uncover a conspiracy. Despite being diminutive and delicate, she acts as if she were a lion. A harsh fox is trying to help her (I recommend you the song What does the fox say by Ylvis). 

Not every dream will come true, but Judy shows that life is a great surprise. A predator and the prey come together to fight with enemies. 

Overall, I liked the gags in this movie and the whole story touched me deeply. The movie features the effort that they make to eradicate prejudice. Nowadays, there's so much violence in cartoons, even in bedtime stories. I have finally found a movie which I will watch with my cousin.

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