Sunday, 28 May 2017

12. The Sims 3

A few weeks ago I rearranged my bedroom because I couldn't stand my mother's grumbling. She uses our house to showcase that she is a creative person. She's a painter and our house has to be typical house of an artist. Full of unique stuff. So that's why I had to reorganize everything. I put all my personal belongings into cartoons. I hate surprises and my friends love to make me mad. One of my friends visited me and saw me hiding a box full of The Sims out of the corners of her eyes. I was embarrassed, because when I was younger I spent more than 2 thousand złotych to buy these games... It still sounds pathetic (for some grown-ups). 
She didn't ask me why I played Sims or... why I'm still playing Sims (I quit it). She borrowed it! 

Why were The Sims so cool? 
1. You can live the life you want but you can't have. You play how you want and you can name your Sims as you want. When I was younger, The Sims was bringing me peace. I had a knack for killing Sims. I had never got attached emotionally to my characters. Obviously, I didn't have time to do it because of the hunting for new Sims to murder. I knew 12 techniques to kill them. Quite funny. 

2. The creative aspect of the game I was spending hours
playing for sheer joy of creating new cities. If we talk about The Sims 4, it is believed that the animation is absolutely top-notch. I looked over the back of the game. To my pure amusement, the description was similar to the second part of The Sims' description. Nothing has changed (the graphic is acceptable) except the price of the game. Storytelling games are as gripping as good books. There's a little difference - you are the writer. It helps tremendously to develop creativity. 

 Undoubtedly, The Sims is not an unscramble phenomenon.

Friday, 19 May 2017


Many movies have surpassed my expectations. In some cases, trailers were really tricky and that's why I probably haven't seen wonderful movies. I thought that Zootopia pictures a story of some animals and their truly exceptional friendship. Does it sound intriguing? Nope. The truth is that Zootopia is... exceptionally original and... Surprisingly, watching the growing friendship between a wily fox and a cuddly bunny was so exciting! 

Judy Hopps becomes the first bunny to join the police in a mammal metropolis. She was dreaming of being a real cop who would enforce the law and bust criminals. Unfortunately, her boss assigns her to be a city guard. But a bunny like her never gives up. She is given only 2 days to solve the mystery that other cops couldn't explain. So, to prove herself she decides to jump at the opportunity. Regardless of the possibility of being fired, Judy wants to overcome the prejudice and tries to uncover a conspiracy. Despite being diminutive and delicate, she acts as if she were a lion. A harsh fox is trying to help her (I recommend you the song What does the fox say by Ylvis). 

Not every dream will come true, but Judy shows that life is a great surprise. A predator and the prey come together to fight with enemies. 

Overall, I liked the gags in this movie and the whole story touched me deeply. The movie features the effort that they make to eradicate prejudice. Nowadays, there's so much violence in cartoons, even in bedtime stories. I have finally found a movie which I will watch with my cousin.

Friday, 12 May 2017


A few years ago my friend told me that living in Spain has no downside. I fondly believed her (thanks for having ruined* my holidays). Sea with nicely sandy beach, wonderful weather, tasty food and extremely handsome boys - so how could I have a rough time? I was struggling with problems. Plenty of problems. So... 

1. Weather.
In the north of Spain, the weather is capricious. It wasn't raining all the time, something worse was happening - short rain showers. The afternoons were so baking that every occasional shower was annoying me. My skin was sticky and I was sweating even when I was drinking cool baverages.

2. Kids. It's so obvious that I went abroad to discover other people and their culture.Strangely, kids behave unkindly while their parents are polite and affable. I have never met a Spanish lovable kid. Many times I heard "Your son is thriving" and I thought that he is on the right lines to become another rude child. 

3. I was fed up with... lack of hygiene and respect. 
I will be honest. I didn’t do an adequate research before coming. Frankly speaking, Spaniards are scruff. Dumps of clothes lying on their bed, rooms that are a complete state... My Spanish friend was wearing the same clothes for three or four days. Did I mention that she was using that clothes as pyjamas? Strangely, she didn't stink!

4. They talk out loud. I adore it! My dad says that I'm as deaf as a board. He should win a prize for being a great father. Unfortunately, I almost went deaf. I have bad hearing because of

5. They never show up at the prearranged time. Do you think that I'm describing a stereotypical Spaniard? Nope. Even at the university we have longer breaks because of latecomers :D

So... I can’t wait to move to Spain.

*Could you correct it? I'm not sure :(

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Daniel Radcliffe

Frankly speaking, Daniel Radcliffe looks ordinary. Being Harry Potter makes him appealing. Unfortunately, he's not my type. On the other hand, I can objectively criticize him as an actor. It will be a pleasure for me to present him as a great actor.

A Young Doctor's Notebook
Film critics described this series as "delightfully weird". It's a British dark comedy based on the short story collection by Mikhail Bulgakov.  I'm a lover of movies which are dominated by droll humor. Undoubtedly, a young callow doctor in a remote Russian hospital during the Russian Revolution will make you laugh. With no practical experience, he tries to operate people. It's hard to say who was more petrified: he or the patient. Too stiff to walk, but using a scalpel is not so complicated, isn't it?

The F Word (Słowo na M)
Doubtlessly, it hurts to be put in the friend zone. How to get out of the friend zone? Ask Wallace. I utterly adore this movie because Radcliffe as Wallace is quite clumsy but still charming. There is a lot of dialogue (and witty jokes!) in the book. If a movie can be waffle, The F Word is at the brink of it.

Horns was not well received by film critics. A murder mystery in a small town and... horns sprouting from the head of the protagonist. Strangely, I'm fond of strange movies.

December Boys
This movie touched my heart.
One summer, four orphans boys who have grown to be the closest of friends find themselves competing for the attention of the same family. 

If you want to watch a movie with Harry Potter you should choose December Boys.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

First humiliation

As you know, religious education is a compulsory subject. Ok, you can choose "ethic"
if you are not afraid of having a row with your grandma. I've never followed the crowd, but  I had to be a conformist in that case. If I hadn't chosen religious education I would have lost my grandma's acceptance. She is a complete religious fanatic. In my view, everybody who goes to a Sunday Mass which starts at 5 a.m. is a zealot. 

A great number of people share the view that religious education is needless if we take into consideration the syllabus. We should learn more about people of all faiths and how to respect their beliefs. Strangely, all of my catechists were bigots (how a Christian can hate anything different?). When I was 8 my friend smacked my butt. Everybody was laughing at me. At first, I was mad so I told on him, but the stupid catechist didn't punish him. Next, I was shocked because she explained to me that boys do some strange things and it's normal. SERIOUSLY? 

When my mom told me that a bus run her foot I couldn't stop laughing. LMAO. That was rude of me, wasn't it? It was a good day :D

Saturday, 22 April 2017


To my mind, tutoring only has downsides.

1. Print-outs. Considering the price of a lesson, I can't provide print-outs for every student. I usually send it via e-mail. Some of my clients prefer to rewrite exercises. Seriously? I've forgotten that I live in Poznań. People from Poznań, don't be so tight! Ebenezer Scrooge is the master of cheeseparing, not you.

2. Strangely, strange people choose my offer. I get along with many nuts but I don't accept every psycho :D Once I had to translate a song and teach a girl how to read in Spanish. Does it sound normal? Her dream was to sing Enrique Iglesias' song. During our class, she was singing his love song. If I were lesbian I would fall in love with her. She was the first person who has sung me a love song. It means that my love life sucks. I should be more gentle.

3. Tutoring is not a form of sponsoring. A few months ago a mystery man visited me. He was quite handsome. So I gave him a textbook and... he was completely confounded. To my pure astonishment, he explained to me that I didn't actually tell that I'm a prostitute, but it was implicit in the way in which I said that I'm a t-u-t-o-r.

4. I won't say anything about deceitful people. They owe me some money.

5. My friend was telling me that tutoring is a rewarding job. She was annoying me, however, I was proud of her. Looking at tutoring through rose-colored glasses was an impressive achievement, therefore, she was a hero for me.

I've never been good at prevailing my body language. I finally learn how to not show annoyance in my speech and... I can do it here :)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Holy... Easter!

As we all know, Easter is a great occasion to spend time with our family. I won't say "with our loved ones". Don't get me wrong, I love my family (only because I'm Christian so I love everyone (devil laugh). The Easter's spirit... I mean the fighting spirit. Who is a better Christian, who has more money, who has a better job... Jesus died for everyone's wrong-doings and we should reflect upon our life in another way, without comparisons (but I earned more money than my cousin!).  I was thinking about how to mitigate conflicts during holidays. Don't drink vodka - it won't help (but with every shot the world is getting more tolerable). I had an argument with my dad. Our relation consists of mutual sneering because we are alike in many ways and that's the problem. I asked Jesus what I should do, but he never responds.

Spring should be pleasantly warm.  The wildlife comes out of hibernation, trees blossom and... dog poops are everywhere.  If you've ever had the misfortune of treading on dog poop when you were looking for fake eggs and gifts - so you also prefer Christmas. I still vividly remember that moment. I was so shocked that I dropped my basket (full of chocolate bunnies) into...Ohh.