Thursday, 18 January 2018

13 Child slavery

I would like to present some evidences to prove that I'm a victim of slavery. My mother is an unquestioned expert on exploiting her own kids. Let's make something clear - I adore black humour.

It is believed that there's a relationship between fashion and personality. Unfortunately, I had to wear my brother's clothes (cloths because it all of the clothes were totally shabby). Frankly speaking, if I had to wear it now, I would be the most fashionable girl that you have ever seen. Because of darning some t-shirts seem hand-done :D

I was born into slavery. I shared the room with my younger brother. Nobody has ever slept over in my room. Thanks, mum. You know how to rile me.

I was forced to work. Have you ever heard about vacuuming the carpets every day(in 14 rooms)? Lucky you! If I had the golden opportunity to work in mine o construction I would prefer it. When I hear the sound of vacuum cleaner my hands start to tremble and my mouth goes dry.

I'm free since I moved out. Slavery no longer exists.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

12 prisons

I was quite baffled after watching a documentary about polish prisons. In Poland, some people prefer to be confined to survive harsh winter. In most cases, being sentenced for robbery rid them of many knotty problems, such as supplying water (in some parts of Poland bathroom is still a luxury), fuel or something that could be used to keep the house warm. Moreover, as the food is provided, another worry disappears. May the confinement be a pleasurable experience? Perhaps the major drawback is the lack of alcohol. Even though smoking is banned, everybody smokes (smuggling = new sentence).

My uncle drives prisoners to coal mine. It sounds bad. He told me that he hopes that one day they take him hostage so he will finally spend some time without my aunt's grumbling :D

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

11 difficult questions

Last week I went to a non-alcoholic party (organized by students!). Surprisingly, a hip flask wasn't needed.The party was f a b u l o u s. Needless to say, I'm not used to spend a whole party without having a sip of beer. In practice, I don't have to rely on alcohol to have fun with complete strangers. How can you organize such type of party in Poland? You have to be ballsy (Should I use this word?) Avoiding alcohol means that you're dull or you've got a problem with it. So during the party one of the girls asked me about unusual hobbies. While I was thinking, the party ended :D
Acting like my grandpa is my unusual hobby. Fishing, pissing my grandma off, newspapers. I'm keen on reading articles. Every Saturday morning I make tea and then I start my press review. I normally have to catch up with all the news from Spain. I have never read anything from the health rubric. It tamps my morning enthusiasm. Would I be cheerful as always if I got to know that my lungs are dying because of smog? Consequently, I'm totally unfamiliar with all the health issues. I remember vividly when my friend told me that I will kick the bucket because of being a total ignorant. I have no clue how I can be healthier, but I know everything about Polish GDP.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

10 Christmas markets

I had never wanted to add Estonia to my travel list. Neither Latvia nor Lithuania had become one of the destinations from my bucket list. Surprisingly, last year I spread across all these countries during winter (Lithuania is known for roads in bad conditions). Furthermore, I visited these territories before Christmas and after (a small) blizzard. As my boyfriend is a total Grinch, we couldn't have visited all of the Christmas markets. Fortunately, the most important ones were set in the market squares. So I has a quite good excuse to get buzzed...eee, to savour mulled wine or glogg.

The charm of the markets was unforgettable. Undoubtedly, the markets stalls varied in every country. In Latvia handcrafted goods had captivated me. Buying gifts had always been a great dilemma. Thanks to Lithuanian artisans I purchased personalised gifts. To my pure surprise, everybody was satisfied. I would like to know the difference between receiving socks from Lithuania and the Polish ones haha. There is a little likelihood that next Christmas I will eventually buy something different(and decent).

Saturday, 23 December 2017

9 the art of saving money

Recently I've written a few words about  excessive consumering. Yesterday I heard on the radio that during this Christmas we will spend more money on gifts, food etc. Obviously, it became a perfect introduction to start joking about the positive influence of 500+. It has been many months since the first joke about the program was made. Seriously people still laugh on it? I was made to listen to radio during few days. It was almost impossible to resist the burning desire of kicking the black box. Stupid jokes, useless information and the worst polish Christmas songs. I should take my friend to the court because of torturing me. 

As you may have noticed all the posts are based on digressions. I'm totally exasperated because that's the second try on writing about Kakebo. That's the Japanese technique which consists of permanent control of incomes and expenses of all the money that you have earned. The aim is to purchase what you really need. It is believed that you will save money. If I weren't so impulsive in my spending I would spend this Christmas in NYC.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

8 Fighting with procrastination. The bloodshed.

A few days ago I complained about aggressive ad campaigns. I still haven't bought the bra (am I the first person who post something about bras?). Apparently the technique which I chose to escape from the omnipresent advertisement is quite efficient. Yesterday I discovered something that is BRILLIANT. When I told my friend what kind of tool I had found she looked quite puzzled. Unfortunately, she didn't know how to tell me politely that technophobia made me become a total tech ignorant. In several words, BlockSite is an extension which is the key to write master's thesis. OK, it just blocks websites. So I would like to say goodbye to Facebook and other emissaries of Satan.

You have already tried 4 times. Seriously? You should be doing something else. (That's my turn to say: SERIOUSLY?)
You have already tried 6 times.
I hate to tell you this, but this site is still blocked.

You have already tried 9 times. One more and you will hit two digits. This is seriously the waste of time.
May I cite the words of a famous and very gifted singer? Britney Spears sings "Oops I did it again" xd I mentioned Britney because one of my friends who reads my posts is a great music lover. However, I think that he desires to be a lover, Britney's lover :D

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Excessive consumerism. Part I

Shopping deprivation has become my worst nightmare.

The modern society has imposed on us some rules. As you may know, I'm a private tutor. In recent years I've met people from different social classes. I've spent time with many victims of excessive consumerism what lead me to... let my guard down. Obviously, I was criticizing them, but I was doing it with kindness because I'm polite :D 

To my mind, we are overwhelmed by advertisements that are telling us what we need. I have never been so impulsive in the way in which I spend my money. A clear example of this is the burning desire of spending 179 in a simple red bra. Intimissimi has launched an aggressive advertising campaign which attacks my most vulnerable point. I adore Christmas. The intensive red color of the bra reminds me of Christmas. Consequently, it has captivated me (I've already seen the bra on Facebook, TV, at a leaflet etc.). Normally I try to acquire only the goods that I need. Nevertheless, I purchased plenty of clothes because of perceiving some of it as work of art.