Saturday, 11 November 2017

3 Catalonia

 It is believed that Catalonia wants the independence because of funds that they have lost recently. Perhaps it can be one of the reasons. Barcelona is one of the wealthiest regions in Spain. Consequently, a pretty big part of the high taxes go to the poorest regions. Catalonia has always been considered "the industrial heartland of Spain". It's painful to observe how the economic situation is changing. For investors the escalation of the conflict is connected with risk which they prefer to avoid. I spent a few months in a small city near to Tarragona. I perfectly understand why the want to declare independence from Spain. They have their own culture and language what make them feel like a community. The unity makes them strong as if they were a big family. I went to a manifestation during Diada which is the National Day of Catalonia. As its gathers a thousands of demonstrators, the atmosphere there was as unique as their culture.
As far as I'm concerned they will never abandon their attempts to be an independent state. I have to say that some of them are vain and think that Catalonia is better than stinky Spain. Many Catalans didn't want to speak Spanish unless I begged them. Ok, no more malicious comments.  During the dictatorship of Francisco Franco it was strictly forbidden to speak Catalan. All the political activity was carried out with only one aim. Destroy the language and customs. Undoubtedly, people became instruments of politics and ideology. 3,500 people were killed at the Battle of Ebro in 1938 because of political ambitions of Franco. This battle is called the bloodiest one of the Civil War.
The truth is that their culture differ from the Spanish one. The Catalan authorities were determined
to achieve theirs goal without bloodshed. As there there isn't a legal basis for treating Catalonia as an independentt state, the situation will deteriorate.


Sunday, 29 October 2017

2 Zoos

Last week I visited one of Polish zoos. If I had known something more about that place I wouldn't have gone there. However, it was a rich experience. I haven't visited many zoos because of being too gentle. Nobody is willing to see how an animal can suffer. Recently many improvements have been implemented but even with rigorous inspections the number of zoos that should be closed down is alarming. There're many happenings or events which aim is to draw attention to this problem. 

On the world map we can find many places like Cabarceno. It's an enormous area which were created to keep animals from all over the world in semi-liberty. If you want to see the whole park it's not recommended to on foot or by bicycle. You can drive your own car. As you can see it's not totally environmentally friendly because of the exhaust fumes. 

I'm not sure if they keep many species that are going to extinct or animals in danger of extinction. I remember that they have some endangered species, especially predatory birds. They also offer a spectacular display with birds of prey.

Despite being against animals in captivity the idea of Cabarceno is less damaging than keeping animals in a traditional zoo. It is said that zoos protect animals from starvation, drought or another natural disaster. But why have we always tried to interfere with the nature?

Sunday, 22 October 2017

1 A nice evening

If I were an animal I would be the most skittish one. I'm getting scared for no reason. As you can guess, that's makes me furious. If I were brave I would do so many exciting things! I have been trying to become courageous. I was truly convinced that a shock therapy would work. I went on a trip with some intrepid friends. We decided to visit historical places. They let my guard down. Because of violent deaths every place or even a treacherous road can become spooky. Historical places meant for them creepy castles... They wanted to go to a site of a gruesome murder. I didn't believe them so I asked if they had known what's really gruesome? A day at my university. It really hurts when you are making a joke and, surprisingly, results that you have chosen a bad moment to be funny... 

We got into the castle with (totally useless because of the profound darkness) flashlights. Everybody was willing to hear another ghost story except me. My friend was wandering around the castle's room and... suddenly he gave me a fright! I started to scream. I also heard a pent laughter. I realised what had happened and then I was going to kill him. Dying of daggering would be a nice death. When I managed to get out I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

No creepy places, please!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

15 Doping

It's obvious that doping is against the rules of sport. Nowadays many doping stories has finally become public. It's scandalous what has happened in Russia. Finally, an extensive report has shed light on the mecanism of sport management in many countries. The emergence of a doping culture is not a new phenomenon, but recently we have more evidence that entire countries are involved in providing doping to athletes.

1. Swimming
Have you ever heard of teenagers taking performance-enhancing drugs? My brother was a really good swimmer. When he was 14 he won Polish National Championship. He was one of the greatest, promising swimmers. A prestigious school offered him a place at the roll of students. My brother's trainer sent him a list of "supplementary vitamins" (strangely affecting the health of kids, especially the heart). My dad rejected the proposal.

2. Tennis
Maria Sharapova was banned from tennis for 15 months. She had been taking meldonium. It's a kind of medication that increases exercise capacity. Before the press conference, everybody suspected that she was pregnant. It was a real shock, totally unexpected news. Sugarpova, the sweetest tennis player could have done something so... unethical? After being suspended, she could be given a wild-card invitation to get into Roland Garros. She didn't get the card. Journalists said that Sharapova's fans could be disappointed. Seriously? She had been taking prohibited substances so she can't be treated as a tennis player who is returning to tennis after having an injury.

Friday, 9 June 2017


I'm a typical movie buff. I could spend every day watching movies. Things are getting more complicated when I want to watch a movie with my friend who is also a movie freak. She has seen everything, so we only watch the latest new movies. 

The Girl on the Train

I figured out immediately who was the killer with no effort. Fortunately, I haven't read the book. Surprisingly, recently every blockbuster book results a complete sh... trash. I read an academic article about the necessity of creating a new literary genre. Blockbuster books have some similarities in the narrative elements and in the emotional reaction that the book produces. As it achieves enormous sales, the plot has to be very simple. Nowadays, people prefer a light reading. Oh, wasn't the "50 shades of Grey" a page-turner? Another brilliant blockbuster book. Strangely, I flipped through that book. 

The script is also a complete trash, but The Girl on the Train has a stellar cast. Emily Blunt's acting is incredibly good. I was certain that Jennifer Lawrence (Megan) had botox injected into her cheeks or she just wanted to know what was the aesthetic medicine in practice. But... it wasn't her! The director featured Haley Bennett in that role! To my pure astonishment, she was quite good at imitating Lawrence. 

So... The script was terrible. Rachel takes the train to work in New York and the train passes near her house where she was living with her former husband. She was also watching a couple (o spying on them) who lives near: Megan and Scott. Ok, I got tired. The plot summary: murder, alcoholism, love affair, hangover.

Another unnecessary waste of time.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

13. the cultural diversity

It's amazing to watch the cultural diversity. I have always been curious about other cultures and the ways in which they have adapted to live in our planet. When I was in Spain I had to use a pot to boil water. To my pure bewilderment, my Spanish friend told me that it would be great to invent something that could boil water without using a pot. SERIOUSLY?!

Yesterday I read an intriguing article about bizarre customs. Let's criticize one of them.

Scotland: When a woman finally decides to marry her boyfriend she's certain that they will withstand everything. In Scotland, marriage is not deified. I should check the divorce rate in Scotland. So, before getting married, the couple has to be pelted with rotten eggs and fish. The clanging of church bells won't be the most desirable sound, rather the sound of streaming water in the shower. If I were Scottish I would be my favourite pastime. It has to be fun to destroy the perfect wedding dress!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

12. The Sims 3

A few weeks ago I rearranged my bedroom because I couldn't stand my mother's grumbling. She uses our house to showcase that she is a creative person. She's a painter and our house has to be typical house of an artist. Full of unique stuff. So that's why I had to reorganize everything. I put all my personal belongings into cartoons. I hate surprises and my friends love to make me mad. One of my friends visited me and saw me hiding a box full of The Sims out of the corners of her eyes. I was embarrassed, because when I was younger I spent more than 2 thousand złotych to buy these games... It still sounds pathetic (for some grown-ups). 
She didn't ask me why I played Sims or... why I'm still playing Sims (I quit it). She borrowed it! 

Why were The Sims so cool? 
1. You can live the life you want but you can't have. You play how you want and you can name your Sims as you want. When I was younger, The Sims was bringing me peace. I had a knack for killing Sims. I had never got attached emotionally to my characters. Obviously, I didn't have time to do it because of the hunting for new Sims to murder. I knew 12 techniques to kill them. Quite funny. 

2. The creative aspect of the game I was spending hours
playing for sheer joy of creating new cities. If we talk about The Sims 4, it is believed that the animation is absolutely top-notch. I looked over the back of the game. To my pure amusement, the description was similar to the second part of The Sims' description. Nothing has changed (the graphic is acceptable) except the price of the game. Storytelling games are as gripping as good books. There's a little difference - you are the writer. It helps tremendously to develop creativity. 

 Undoubtedly, The Sims is not an unscramble phenomenon.